Sunday, 20 July 2008


“Is sexuality in contemporary animation still a TABOO topic?
And if so, why? ”

In My previous dissertations ( Bachelor Degree’s :“ Psychological Portrait in Fine Art” and MA’s : “The Impact of Contemporary Documentary Photography on World’s Public” ) I mostly researched human emotions, how they are portrayed in visual arts and what are the viewers responses to visual material. As the most interesting phenomena in human psychology I found SHOCK (example: Oliviero Toscani controversial advertising campaigns for Italian brand Benetton, 1982 -2000.)

In 2005 I participated at Christopher Anderson’s lecture about war photography (member of Magnum Photo Agency) and asked him what is so exciting about portraying the death. It made me think about the emotional status of a post-modern “society of spectacle” and it’s commercialization of emotions.

This is why I decided to touch the other edge of human field of emotional perceptions and research way more pleasurable and of the same catching-eye strength - sexuality- but this time in connection with animation,


Michael said...

I think you have our attention now, Anja. :)

Anja Tolar said...

What do you mean, Michael?

Every opinion counts towards my dissertation, but only if about the chosen topic! :-)